“Fetch Me Later” Dog Boarding and Grooming

Fetch Me Later is a family owned dog daycare and boarding center that puts all of its focus on you and your pet. fetch-me-laterThey have a dedicated and knowledgeable team that has lived and worked with dogs their whole life. They are all certified by the Red Cross in pet CPR and First Aid so they can handle any emergency situation with ease. Their staff knows how to deliver medications for those dogs that have any special needs.

Fetch me Later is conveniently located on 407 South Owasso Blvd East, Little Canada, Minnesota, 55117. So When you are on you way north to the cabin why don’t you leave your doggie with them?

They Also have a pretty cool online registration to save you time on the drop off of you beloved animal. The registration form is here http://fetch-me-later.com/online-form.html

When we went to visit them their kennels are huge and super clean, all of their staff was so professional and well educated on how to take care and entertain your dog. They also have a training room for your dog if he or she has not been socialized yet, after they pass their socialization test then they should be able to join the rest of their dog friends.

Fetch Me Later Dog Cam

Fetch Me Later Dog Cam

There is a huge are social indoors and outdoor area. The indoors one has a web cam so you can check on your dog when you are away. Fetch Me Later also has a great grooming area and staff. Go check them out!

Fetch Me Later has very cool programs to meet your needs from family discount of 15% on your second and third dog. They also have 5, 10, 20, 30 and one month package… not to mention the excellent price for a whole year! You can read more of their packages here.

Feel free to reach out to them in person or drop them a line here:

Phone: 651-340-0213
Email:   info@fetch-me-later.com
Fax:     1-651-344-0447


Social area Indoors


Outside Social area


Water Bottle holds Water, Keys, and Money

I just imagine myself everyday at the gym trying to carry my keys, plus my moneyself hosted and then pushing on the treadmill and 7 miles per hour…. Then Drinking water. We tested the water bottle and it really works. It holds my money, credit cards, and even a few keys, not to mention the amount of water it holds… it is crazy! We paid $14.55 plus shipping, what a deal!

Contigo AUTOSEAL Kangaroo Water Bottle with Storage Compartment, 24-Ounce

This water bottle delivers on essential needs while on the go. The AUTOSEAL Water Bottle with compartment delivers on a unique combination of style and function. Durable. Colorful. Functional. Holds your keys and credit cards. The AUTOSEAL Water Bottle is easy to drink from, easy to carry and has a protective cover at the spout . It’s the ultimate in on-the-go hydration with a compartment that holds your essentials while on-the-go.

These are some of the features we like the best:

  • Made from BPA-free material
  • Patented autoseal lid is 100-percent leak-proof and 100-percent spill-proof
  • Drinking made easy; press to sip; release to seal; autoseal automatically seals between sips to ensure no spills
  • Patented carabineer clip on the handle allows you to take this mug wherever you go, attach it to a bag strap for hands-free portability
  • The lid allows you to drink A LOT of water

It come is 4 different colors: BLUE, PINK, PURPLE, AND GRAY. We personally like the gray one the best.


Motion Maker Engineering

SpeaKco is pleased to announce the work on Motion Maker Engineers website online marketing and search engine optimization. SpeaKco’s goal with Motion Maker Engineers is to place their website in the best location possible in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Also a great deal of effort is to be done and the brick and mortar level, but we are expecting so see MotionMaker.net in less than 500.000 United States ranking at Alexa.com.

Motion Maker Engineers are the “go to” custom automation equipment motion-makerexperts based in north side of the Twin Cities.  Motion Maker Engineers have OEM representation, together with innovative sales engineers with more than 30 years of experience meeting unique manufacturing challenges, they take pride in providing world-class services to solve the toughest technical problems. Some of Motion Maker Engineering capabilities are:

  • Project Management
  • Representation, and
  • Consulting

They have worked in every major industry and know our way around medical, semiconductor and packaging manufacturing. Their main goal is to develop long-term client relationships by providing the maximum value for their client’s investment. They have a track record of providing solutions for even the most challenging applications.

Feel free to contact them over the phone at: (612) 270-2841 or on their contact us page.


Automation Incorporated

Automation Inc is a privately owned and managed company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota dedicated to provide a value-added stocking distributor of motion, vision, pneumatic, fluid power, and industrial control components. They serve Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

They constantly hold seminars and events to educate their current and future customers with personalized attention to detail and care for their customer’s business and relationships.

Automation Inc carries an extensive line card of products by multiple manufactures from all around the globe. One of their latest line acquisitions has been the Baxter Robot for manufacturing which we hope it will begin the automation revolution.

Baxter Manufacturing Robot

Baxter, their flagship product, is “America’s first adaptive manufacturing robot”. Designed to use common sense and work safely alongside people, it’ll take your productivity to new heights—and deliver a true competitive edge. A game-changing price point with a starting price point of $22,000. Trainable by non-technical personnel, with no costly programming needed. And flexible and adaptable enough to change quickly across tasks, lines and teams.

Automation Inc is one of the authorized distributors around the world to sell and support this Baxter project. Automation Inc is a privately owned and managed company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota dedicated to provide a value-added stocking distributor of motion, vision, pneumatic, fluid power, and industrial control components. They serve Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.


The Midwest is the center of manufacturing and production of Food, Beverage, and Medical devices and we expect and huge marketing incentive and motivation from Baxter in order help their local suppliers all around the world to deploy this revolutionary robotics. When we call Baxter to ask questions about delivery they said the queue in more than 7 months, but they are expecting this number to get better with supply and demand, right? Well we hope so.

How to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

Once we met this gentleman in a coffee shop and we started talking about local marketing and strategies and then he tells me: “Hey James I have a couple videos on YouTube but I’m getting no hits, what’s going on? ”

When I hear this type of comment all my business instincts and years or marketing knowledge kick in and sermon begins again. May people believe just delivering a video on YouTube will make them an internet sensation, and because they think their video is great, their neighbor will think the same. The truth is, less than 0.00035% of content creators become viral with a couple videos. That means your chances to hit the Power Ball are higher.

Here are some resources I will advise to read if you choose to deploy your online marketing strategy with video:

YouTube: and Video Marketing

YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture

YouTube for business

Non of these books are less than 140 pages each, but they are all great, we read them all. If becoming an internet sensation is easy, then you wouldn’t need to read these books or use and expert’s help to make it happen.
In Minnesota and Wisconsin, the online marketing strategies for small and medium size business should use must be carefully crafted because, as any localized region in the world, we have a very niche subculture that can’t attack or jeopardize the Midwesterner way of thinking and behaving.

MD&M Show in Minneapolis

The Medical Devices and Manufacturing show has been exhibiting in Minneapolis for 12 years now. In 2009 the organized decided to make together with MinnPacK due to the shrinking attendance of qualified leads.

In 2012 the MD&M show was a decent event, even thou the biggest medical companies like Boston Scientific, Metronic, Insitu Tech, and 3M and are not 100% on board with capital spending.

Crowded Pack Expo 2012 Chicago

InternationalWalking at lunch time on a Monday in Downtown Manhattan, New York, on a sunny summer day is easier than walking on Pack Expo. We went to visit the show Sunday and Monday, and it was packed!

Crows of people walking up and down the main hall, restaurants with longer lines than a chilly cheese stake sandwich vendor. Now no kidding any more, the show was really busy and exhibitors were very happy with the traffic and the quality of the leads. Sadly no new technologies were available.


Upcoming Events

SpeaKco is pleased to announce it presence at the Automate Show in Chicago at the McCormick Place on January 2013.

Automate is the largest solutions-based showcase of automation technologies in North America. Formerly the International Robots, Vision & Motion Control Show which dates back to 1977, Automate now demonstrates the full spectrum of automation technologies and solutions for a broad array of industries. The show is held once every two years.

Right at the front of Automate, companies that provide integration of automation, robotics and machine vision will show actual demonstrations of systems. This will allow attendees to see live demos solving challenges they face in their industry, and also to learn from solutions used in other industries that may be beneficial to them. The rest of the show features the latest automation, robotic, vision and motion control technologies and systems on display from leading global suppliers.

Contact Us Today

A comprehensive educational conference accompanies the Automate show. Featuring a broad array of classes from beginner to advanced skill levels, the conference offers something for all attendees – they can take one class or four full days of training. Classes are taught by experienced industry professionals who understand the industry challenges our attendees face. Our conference has been consistently rated high-quality and high-value, delivering a training experience that is immediately worthwhile.