Baxter Manufacturing Robot

Baxter, their flagship product, is “America’s first adaptive manufacturing robot”. Designed to use common sense and work safely alongside people, it’ll take your productivity to new heights—and deliver a true competitive edge. A game-changing price point with a starting price point of $22,000. Trainable by non-technical personnel, with no costly programming needed. And flexible and adaptable enough to change quickly across tasks, lines and teams.

Automation Inc is one of the authorized distributors around the world to sell and support this Baxter project. Automation Inc is a privately owned and managed company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota dedicated to provide a value-added stocking distributor of motion, vision, pneumatic, fluid power, and industrial control components. They serve Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.


The Midwest is the center of manufacturing and production of Food, Beverage, and Medical devices and we expect and huge marketing incentive and motivation from Baxter in order help their local suppliers all around the world to deploy this revolutionary robotics. When we call Baxter to ask questions about delivery they said the queue in more than 7 months, but they are expecting this number to get better with supply and demand, right? Well we hope so.