How to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

Once we met this gentleman in a coffee shop and we started talking about local marketing and strategies and then he tells me: “Hey James I have a couple videos on YouTube but I’m getting no hits, what’s going on? ”

When I hear this type of comment all my business instincts and years or marketing knowledge kick in and sermon begins again. May people believe just delivering a video on YouTube will make them an internet sensation, and because they think their video is great, their neighbor will think the same. The truth is, less than 0.00035% of content creators become viral with a couple videos. That means your chances to hit the Power Ball are higher.

Here are some resources I will advise to read if you choose to deploy your online marketing strategy with video:

YouTube: and Video Marketing

YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture

YouTube for business

Non of these books are less than 140 pages each, but they are all great, we read them all. If becoming an internet sensation is easy, then you wouldn’t need to read these books or use and expert’s help to make it happen.
In Minnesota and Wisconsin, the online marketing strategies for small and medium size business should use must be carefully crafted because, as any localized region in the world, we have a very niche subculture that can’t attack or jeopardize the Midwesterner way of thinking and behaving.