Decades of investment in pharmaceutical innovation have produced thousands of medicines that allow us to treat and prevent diseases better than ever before. Conditions that not so long ago were fatal can now be managed effectively and safely; epidemics that once devastated communities are becoming distant memories.

The positive impact of pharmaceutical innovation has been far-reaching, affecting the very core of our economy, and our quality of life. New medicines are helping people to lead healthier more productive lives, cutting costs in healthcare by replacing expensive medical procedures, and stimulating the economy with a healthier workforce.

Saving & Improving Lives
Get up-to-date information on how new medicines are enabling more people than ever before to live longer, healthier lives.

Controlling Health Care Costs
Would you invest one dollar to save $2? That is precisely what many new drugs are doing for the cost of healthcare. Read about innovative drugs that are preventing costly complications of chronic diseases, are reducing the length of hospital stays, and are being used in place of major surgery.

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Strengthening the Economy
Learn how new and better medicines are putting people back to work, reducing unemployment and disability, and helping to increase productivity.

HIV AIDS Research
In the 30 years since the discovery of the HIV virus, 31 medicines have been approved to treat HIV infection, and a 20 year old diagnosed with HIV can expect to live 50 years. With nearly 90 medicines in development for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, promising treatment gains are on the horizon.

Progress Against Cancer
Cancer is still the 2nd leading killer in the U.S., but in recent years advances in treatment have improved the outlook for many patients.